Imporant Things to Remember When Considering Construction Dumpster Rentals

There are several reasons for any homeowner to need construction dumpster rentals. You may be renovating your home, or you may be having much needed repairs done. It is also possible that you are trying to get rid of all the clutter and would need a place to dump all the trash into. Some people also use construction dumpsters when they want to move to a different location, leaving all the junk that they would not want to bring behind, but not wanting to leave everything dumped in the front lawn or on the sidewalk. No matter what your reasons may be, one thing is for sure: There is a lot of trash to get rid of, but finding a way to get rid of it is a problem.

Good thing that they rent out construction dumpsters today. Now, any homeowner can enjoy the benefits of having a big container to dump all their garbage without worrying about getting the lawn dirty.

Before renting out a container dumpster though, make sure you check with the proper authorities regarding permits that you might need to secure. You would especially need this if you do not have enough space on your yard to place the container in. If you live in a strict neighborhood, you may need to ask for permission from the board first. If not, getting a permit from the parking enforcement office or the building permit office would do.

Things to Know After Acquiring Construction Dumpster Rentals

Make sure you give the truck driver enough space to maneuver as they drop the container off and pick it up. The container itself will take a lot of space, so might as well reserve all the space you can get, especially if you are planning on putting the container on the street. Make sure the space will be enough for the truck to back in without too much risk of causing damage to it or to other vehicles or things.

Of course, you would have to find out what size you would need. Container dumpsters come in 10 cubic yards, 20 cubic yards, 30 cubic yards and 40 cubic yards. To save space and money, make sure you know beforehand how much stuff you need to haul out, so you’ll know how big of a container you need. Just to be sure, get one size bigger than your estimate. Also, ask the rental company how high the container is, because lower containers are definitely better, since it would be easier to haul stuff in from the sides. You should also ask about the weight that the container supports, especially if you are planning to fill it with heavy construction debris.

Once you have checked on all these, then you should be ready to try construction dumpster rentals. With all the information that you now have, dealing with construction dumpster rentals will be a lot easier for you.

Construction Dumpsters – What Do You Need Them For?

Construction dumpsters are everywhere and have a lot of different advantages. It is especially helpful in waste management and solves your problem on how to get rid of all that trash. You will see these construction dumpsters everywhere, a clear sign about how extensive their benefits can be. Because of their size, you can put almost anything in it, and will be perfect for instances when you have to dispose of large amounts of garbage.

For business owners, construction dumpsters are perfect for taking care of all the trash that accumulates on an extremely busy business day. Restaurants and similar establishments for example, have a lot of excess food and other waste that they have to get rid of regularly, unless they want their business to be infested with rodents. Construction dumpsters are perfect for this, having the capacity to store large amounts of just about anything. This is why you would often see these large dumpsters in alleys behind these kinds of businesses, because these are a business owner’s primary resource for waste management.

Construction Dumpsters at Home

Although you may think that their large size would not be applicable in a residential setting as well, you are greatly mistaken. There are a lot of things that you can do around the house where you would need to dispose of a lot of things, and a construction dumpster will be perfect for this job. Any house repair project for example, would result in a lot of construction debris. Although some homeowners opt to take care of it themselves, doing so can be very inconvenient. A construction dumpster would be just right to store all this trash, saving you the need to worry about where you can dispose your garbage.

Construction dumpsters are also perfect for those who are moving to a different location, whether it is a business or a house. Construction dumpsters are able to accommodate big pieces of trash, and can definitely take care of that desk you’ve been meaning to replace, or the couch you’ve been wanting to get rid of. These pieces of furniture plus a lot of other stuff you would rather leave would fit well in construction dumpsters, keeping all your trash in one place as you move to a new location.

Spring cleaning is also perfect for getting rid of all the waste that accumulated in your home, and construction dumpsters would be the perfect place to throw them into. You can clean your attic, basement or garage of all the clutter and not worry about having all the mess strewn all around your lawn or on the sidewalk.

The best thing about using construction dumpsters at home is the fact that you can actually rent them only during the time you need them. This makes things more affordable for you, and you don’t have to worry about where to place something so big and bulky.

So if you find yourself in any of these situations, then you can try using construction dumpsters and save yourself the trouble of getting rid of your trash on your own.

Why You Need Construction Dumpsters

At one point or another, each of us has to start looking for construction dumpster rentals. Most big metal containers are usually seen near construction sites, with their smaller versions present behind every restaurant and mall in the country. However, every once in a while they are rented by homeowners who need them for one of the many reasons which we are going to further discuss.

The fact that you reached this page means that you are thinking about renting a construction dumpster, but you are not entirely sure whether you actually need one or not. Thankfully, we have provided a thorough representation of the main reasons why people generally get in touch with dumpster rental companies. If you are confused about whether or not you should get a construction dumpster, read on and you will surely see things clearer in a few minutes.

The #1 Reason For Dumpster Rentals – Home Renovations

It is a well-known fact that for many people, the most effective way to increase a home’s value is to add various improvements to the way it looks and functions. Others might just do it because they have always wanted their house to look a certain way, and now that they have the necessary means for such an operation, they are finally going for it.

For example, if you have been repairing a leaking roof every few months for the last ten years, then it might be time to change it altogether. Or maybe your son is leaving for college in fall and since you have always wanted a big master bedroom, you plan on tearing down the wall between your and his room. These situations may seem different from each other but they have one big thing in common: they leave behind massive quantities of heavy construction debris.

We are certain that it may have crossed your mind to take care of it by yourself because your friend Joe did that and his home looks fine now. However, you should ask him how long did it take and how does his back feel after lifting all that weight. If you value your time, you will look away from such options and will instead get information on construction dumpster rental. Depending on the size of your project, it might take you entire days of working from morning to evening and it honestly isn’t worth it.

Construction Dumpsters For Home Cleaning Efforts

Sometimes you don’t perform any type of major cleanings over long periods of time. But when you finally get down to it, there is a lot of effort involved and it is easy to become overwhelmed. Stuff that is no longer of any use needs to be thrown out and bulky furniture must be temporarily stored in a separate location. If you left your basement unattended for a long time, then it is very possible that a lot of the things you have down there are now useless. But where will everything go? Unless you want to permanently damage your lawn, you have to rent one or two construction dumpsters. These things were specifically made for such purpose, so there is no need to improvise.

Construction Dumpsters For Moving Purposes

Sometimes when people move to a new home they do not just do it because they need a bigger house or want to live in a different neighborhood. People often want a completely fresh start. If you are in such a situation, then all that old furniture that you most likely inherited from your parents is better off given away or sent to the landfill. For such purposes, a construction dumpster is ideal. It will be sent over to your house and left there until you fill it. Once the time you agreed upon with the dumpster rental company has passed they will come over and send the container with everything in it to the landfill.

Final Words On Dumpster Rental

As you can see, there are many situations that require the rental of one or more construction dumpsters. Truth be told, the prices on these things are incomparable to how helpful they can be in some cases. Save both time and energy by renting a roll off dumpster from one of the many dumpster rental companies that deliver such services in your area.

Understanding How Construction Dumpster Rental Works

Over the years, there have been many discussions regarding whether construction dumpster rental is a difficult and tricky process or whether it is something that anyone can easily tackle. We are not going to debate which idea is the best because, truth be told, both have truth in them. Typically, it depends on the type of construction project you are conducting, the area you live in (because of local authorizations and landfill fees) and the company you choose to work with. Nevertheless, it is always better to get proper information on such projects, so we have included a general blueprint of how the construction dumpster rental process looks like.

Choosing Your Construction Dumpster Provider

Regardless of what sources of information you choose in order to find a dumpster rental company, one thing should not be forgotten – the background check. The main problem about the whole construction dumpster experience is that there are a lot of sketchy companies who take advantage of the fact that their clients are mostly clueless when it comes to how waste removal is generally handled. Therefore, you should always check whether the company you have your eye on is a reputable one or not. You can do this by either checking with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been some complains in the past years or by using a search engine to find customer reviews.

The First Phone Call Is The Key to a Successful Construction Dumpster Rental

When working with a company that delivers construction dumpsters, the first conversation you will have with one of its operators is usually the most important. This is where your gut feeling will usually let you know if you are dealing with a professional team or not. Avoid working with companies that have poor customer service because this is always an indicator of how they handle other parts of this business.

You will be asked some questions regarding the reason you need a construction dumpster for the purpose of determining the type of container that should be sent your way. You will then both set a delivery date, and to avoid any troubles you should settle on a day when you are 100% sure you will be home. Moreover, most companies will charge penalties for “dry runs”.

Preparing Your Construction Site and Loading the Construction Dumpster

First of all, you should maintain excellent communication with the company you hired. Get all necessary information on the subject of how you should prepare your home for your roll off dumpster’s delivery. Make sure you get exact dimensions in order to avoid the awkward situation when there is not enough room in your yard and you have to place it on the street or send it back.

Furthermore, ask your customer care representative about which types of materials are allowed in the dumpster which will be sent to your house. These containers are not all the same, but as a general guideline, you should never load liquids or any chemicals in the dumpster unless you have first checked with the company’s representative.

Sending Your Trash Away With Construction Dumpsters

Once you are completely sure that you have thrown everything you do not need anymore in the dumpster, call the company’s number and tell them you need it picked up.

Finally, if you based your decision on something you saw on the internet, you should go online and contribute to the community by writing an accurate review on how your waste removal experience went. There is a general lack of good construction dumpster rentals reviews, so by doing this you would help homeowners who want to rent such a container but they have a hard time deciding on a company – just like you did in the past.

Tips Regarding Construction Dumpster Rental – Part Two

This selection of construction dumpster rental advice comes as a sequel to our previous article on waste removal tips. As we have already established, there is more to construction dumpsters than what you may initially think. Sure, they are used for a kind of work that is not at all glamorous and no one really likes to do, but that does not mean one should be careless when dealing with these big metal containers. You are probably only going to take care of such issues once every few years, so you might as well get the right information on this topic now and avoid having to learn this stuff again next time you find yourself facing a big pile of construction waste.

Here are two very important subjects that you need to know about in order to make your dumpster rental experience as smooth as possible…

Screen the construction dumpster rentals companies you have your eyes on as thoroughly as possible

A lot of people are under the wrong impression that all companies that provide this type of service are the same and it does not matter which one they choose. This is wrong for a lot of reasons.

Firstly, even though the process of delivering a construction dumpster to a client’s home and picking it up seven days later seems easy, it most definitely is not. There are a lot of variables involved in such procedures and it is very hard to control them all. Not only are all construction projects different from one another, but so are the people that run them. Therefore, you should only work with a company that has an excellent track record of making customers happy. You will usually learn about this stuff from the very first phone call. If you are asked to stay on hold while the operators gathers more information, you might as well hang up because if a company hires amateurs to communicate with its customers, then that should be a clear indicator of how it handles other areas of construction dumpster rental.

Always Put Safety First

As we have already said before, you should not be one of those persons who think waste removal is a very simple process and that they should not bother with learning anything about it. Lots of things can go wrong, and you definitely do not want to fail on exactly the last part of your construction job.

First of all, for obvious reasons you should avoid positioning your construction dumpster under a power line. The delivery truck driver should already be aware of this, but do not hesitate talking to him if he is not.

Furthermore, you should take care of your health when loading heavy materials into your construction dumpster rental. Regardless of your age, there is always a possibility to get injured when lifting heavy materials, so always be careful with such activities. Spending a week tied to a bed while your home is being renovated is the last thing you want to go through.

Finally, get all proper information on what types of materials are allowed in the roll off dumpster rental you received. Reliable dumpster rental companies will always provide you with such a list, but if the one you chose to work with does not, you should take matters into your own hands and give them a call regarding this issue. You definitely want to avoid situations where the delivery truck refuses to pick up the dumpster because it contains materials which are banned by your local landfill.

The Importance of Online Reviews When Dealing With Construction Dumpster Rentals

So you have finally decided to go with it. After saving money for several years, you are going to embark on a mission of transforming your house into what you and your family have always dreamt of living in. You hired the workers, you bought all necessary materials, but there is one thing that almost slipped your mind – waste removal. After you tear that wall between your two bedrooms and after you completely remodel your bathroom you will be left with a huge pile of heavy debris that is way too big to get rid of by yourself.

The solution? Rent a construction dumpster.

Yes, you may be tempted to rent a truck from a friend and carry everything to the landfill by yourself. Nevertheless, if you make some simple calculations you will see that the amount of trips and physical effort that are required simply outweigh any extra bucks you might gain by not opting for construction dumpster rental.

Now you are faced with making a choice between all dumpster rental companies that are currently offering their services on this market. But with so many options, it can be really hard to determine which is best. One of the best ways to overcome this problem has proven to be reading online reviews, but this method also has its flaws. Read on to see which are which…

Pros to Making a Decision Based on Online Reviews

First of all, you get a unique opportunity to learn from someone else’s mistakes. The thing about dumpster rental services is that you only need them once every five or maybe even ten years. Therefore, there is no such thing as trial and error. You make a choice, and if it is bad, you are left to deal with the consequences. The fact that you can see what other people have had to say about a certain company is really valuable and it may save you from many sleepless nights that a sketchy service provider would have caused.

Moreover, it saves a lot of time. Sure, it may not take a lot of time to create a shortlist of the companies you want to get information on, but actually calling them takes a lot of time. There are many aspects to consider during the first phone call to a company that rents construction dumpsters, so the whole conversation can take up to half an hour. On the other hand, reading online reviews takes a lot less time and can help you limit your search to only a handful of companies that would deserve your call.

Cons to Relying On Online Reviews

It all seems great until you realize that you only get one side of the story. The simple fact that a person created an account on a website and wrote about a bad experience he or she had with a certain company does not necessarily mean it really happened that way. Some people just have ridiculous expectations and there is no company on this earth that could ever satisfy all their requirements. If you happen to read a bad review written by such a person, then you may have just wasted the opportunity to work with an excellent team of people who were actually prepared to deliver reasonably priced, yet reliable construction dumpster rentals in your area.

Furthermore, you must keep in mind that after all, we are talking about the Internet. The fact that anyone can enter a site and write a review leaves a lot of room for abuse. For example, what would stop an unethical business owner to enter such a website and write bad reviews about all of his competitors? Even worse, he or she could create multiple accounts and write stories about how amazing the poster’s company’s services are, even though they are sub-par.

Bottom Line

As with everything else that can be found online, service reviews have to be taken with a grain of salt. Use them to get a general idea of the market, but do not base your decision entirely on them. Renting construction dumpsters is not exactly what you may call cheap, so take your time to do proper research before making any commitments.

Safety Tips On The Subject Of Construction Dumpster Rental

So you are one of the few people who actually took action and decided to renovate their homes. Congratulations on that, but unless you want to waste your entire budget on paying lawsuit settlements and medical fees, you should learn how to handle construction dumpster rentals in a safe way. Read on to see what are the basic things you should know before calling any waste removal company.

Clear the area where you want your construction dumpster to be placed

This is an issue that most people overlook because they believe that just because they are paying the dumpster rental company a fee, they should do all the work. However, you have to understand that in most cases you only pay for receiving a dumpster and having it picked up once you have filled it. This does not include the preparation of the spot where you construction dumpster is to be placed. Therefore, you should make sure there aren’t any obstacles that could prevent the delivery truck from properly unloading the container. In all honesty, if you get this part wrong, then it will be very hard for you to move the roll off dumpster by yourself, so take extra care on this issue.

If you rented a construction dumpster to help you get rid of heavy debris, wear a hard hat

When hauling large quantities of cement or brick over the side of a large container, there is always the risk of injuring yourself. Avoid saying “I know what I’m doing, nothing will go wrong” because you do not actually know that it won’t. Moreover, this rule also applies to any workers you may have hired to help you with this. Over the last few years, there have been many lawsuits related to waste disposal incidents, so take all necessary measures to avoid such unpleasant situations.

Make sure everything is properly placed in the dumpster

When dealing with construction dumpsters, it is easy to become careless and leave objects hanging over the edge of the container. Even if a large part of it is inside the roll off dumpster, you never know when it snaps in two and it injures someone working in the area. Always make sure that all items that you want to dispose of are completely inside the dumpster before proceeding any further.

Always Maintain Proper Communication With Your Construction Dumpster Rental Provider

Regardless of how many construction dumpsters safety tips you read on the Internet, nothing compares to the advice given by a company who is actually in this business. A decent support team will always review your construction project and will give you safety information which is relevant to your particular case.

Finally, not all construction dumpster models are the same, so you need to get information on how to properly handle the one that was delivered to you. For example, some only allow certain materials to be thrown inside them, so make sure you get all relevant information before you actually start the waste disposal process.

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls of Construction Dumpster Rental

Most people don’t know the first thing about construction dumpsters, and for that reason they end up with bad waste management experiences. You may not be aware of this, but there are many things that go wrong when dealing with construction dumpster rentals. You may receive a late delivery, the container’s size may be inappropriate for your project or you may find that the dumpster rental company you chose to work with has doubled your costs through hidden fees. Therefore, it not hard to understand why it is important to get proper information on this subject before actually committing to work with a certain company.

Knowing how to pick a construction dumpster provider is not only important, it is crucial

There are many sketchy dumpster rental companies doing business in this industry, so you have to learn how to distinguish the good from the bad. When first looking for construction dumpster rentals, there is a plethora of options to choose from. But how does one really know where to look?

Some choose to talk to their friends and family and this seems like a good solution. Nothing compares to the peace of mind brought by knowing you work with someone that was recommended by a person you trust. Moreover, if you have lots of friends who live in their own houses, then it should not be difficult to find someone who has experience on the subject of construction dumpster rental.

Another course of action that some people still follow is looking through the yellow pages directory. If you plan on doing this, let me stop you right here. You would be much better off performing this search online, as it is much faster and easier to sort information based on your specific criteria. The Internet really is amazing. You just have to access a search engine site, type in the service that you are looking for and you will instantly be presented with a list of companies that are doing such business in your area. Furthermore, you can also include your city’s name in the search box in order to get more relevant results. Select a few companies and create a shortlist. Use that list to check each company’s name + review on your preferred search engine. This way, you get the amazing benefit of learning from someone else’s experience.

But most importantly, get local service

Sure, each company has its own strengths, but nothing really compares with contracting the services of a team who actually knows how construction dumpster rental is handled in your area. Not only will you get access to the best prices, but you will also be guaranteed faster delivery. Furthermore, in case something goes wrong, you will always benefit from prompt customer service as long as the company you work with is based around your area. But if you discover that the construction dumpster you received is the wrong size and the sender is based 100 miles away, you will have to wait for a lot of time before having the problem solved.

General Guidelines on Construction Dumpster Rental

You may currently be searching for a company which can deliver construction dumpsters for reasonable prices, or you may not even be sure yet about whether or not you need such a container. Either way, this article serves as a source of information for those who want to get a general idea on what construction dumpster rentals are all about.

How to Tell if You Need a Construction Dumpster

There are many situations that require the rental of one of these big metal containers. Obviously, the most commonly encountered one is a home renovation project. A homeowner decides he wants to improve the way his home looks, so he performs various activities for that purpose. However, all such projects leave behind a big pile of construction debris that no one wants to get rid of. This is where dumpster rental companies come into play with their waste removal solutions. You just have to pick up your phone, tell the operator some things about your project and a delivery truck will come by in a few days with your construction dumpster rental. Simple as 1,2,3.

Furthermore, you probably need a construction dumpster if you are about to undergo the first general home cleaning your house had in the past few years. There are a lot of things that might need to be thrown out, and a simple garbage container is usually not enough for the job. This is especially true if you plan on throwing away bulky furniture. Unless you own a big truck yourself, there is no way you could haul it to the landfill by yourself.

How the Construction Dumpster Rental Process Works

Selecting a dumpster rental company is part of another article, so we are not going to focus on that part here.

With most companies of this kind, the process is about the same. You grab your phone, call their number and you give them some details about your project. If you are lucky enough to work with a competent business, then the operator will be able to properly approximate the size of the construction dumpster you need. You will both settle on a delivery date and you in most cases there will not be any delays. If you are really worried about this part, look for online reviews and see if the company you have your eyes on has any history of late deliveries. If so, look for another one.

Furthermore, there are many online sources that can be your starting point on how to prepare yourself for the actual waste disposal process. However, nothing compares to what an actual expert can tell you on this subject, so don’t hesitate to contact your construction dumpster rental provider and tell him or her about any questions you may have.

Final Words

If you are like most people, then this is your first experience of this kind, so you are probably scared about how it will all turn out. Nevertheless, you should not worry too much because most companies that deal with construction dumpsters these days know exactly what they are doing, so the odds of having a bad waste removal experience is very slim. Get information on how your project should be handled, follow all instructions you are given and it will all turn out alright.

A Few Tips Regarding Construction Dumpster Rental – Part One

There are many reasons that would cause someone to look for construction dumpster rentals. However, those are not the subject of this article. Instead, we will now proceed to discuss ways to avoid turning the waste removal process into something harder than it should be.

Choose wisely when selecting the company that you are going to work with.

The thing about construction dumpster rental is that you do not get second chances. Once you choose a service provider, you stick with it until your project is over. What most people do is they perform an online search and select the first company that has a nice sounding name. However, appearances are often deceiving in this business. Construction projects are almost always planned on a tight schedule, so you can easily understand why working with a company that does not respect deadlines is troublesome. Ask your friends, read online reviews and most importantly, use common sense. When a company’s prices seem too good to be true, they most likely are.

Use your construction dumpster properly

If you are like most people, then you see roll off dumpsters just as big metal containers that are used to haul trash to the landfill. Although there is some truth in that affirmation, there is more to know about these waste carriers.

Firstly, not all of them are the same. Before contacting a dumpster rental company, be prepared to answer questions about your project in order to help the staff determine what kind of container should be sent to your home. You will be informed on restrictions related to maximum weight and forbidden materials. You are going to follow them precisely, unless you want to risk ruining your whole schedule.

Do Not Shy Away From Renting a Larger Construction Dumpster

In some cases, the dumpster rental company with which you chose to work will suggest renting a container that is a size larger than what your project requires. Although this seems like a trick to get more money from you, it usually is not. You see, some construction projects are very unpredictable, so you might end up having to get rid of more waste than you initially thought. If your dumpster is too small, then you are going to have to rent another one, thus doubling your costs. Therefore, upgrading from a twenty to a thirty yarder is definitely worth the extra money.

Get All Necessary Permits Before Renting a Construction Dumpster

Each state has different laws on this subject, so it would be impossible to discuss the whole topic here. Instead, you should contact your local authorities and see if you need an authorization to rent construction dumpsters in your city. Moreover, if the container is placed on the street, then you should buy some reflectors to warn drivers, especially if your area is poorly illuminated during the night.

Conclusion – Renting Construction Dumpsters Is Not That Hard

Truth be told, we cannot include everything there is to know about construction dumpster rentals on a single webpage. If you really care about having a safe and effortless waste removal experience, you should only work with companies that are known for maintaining excellent communication with their clients.